27 November 2008

Farewell to a handsome labrador friend

I imagine that no family in Australia wants to raise children without a big back yard and a dog. We bought their sons a spectacularly good-looking, pure-bred, black labrador called Emperor Rudolf II of Prague (or Rudes for short).

The dog was loyal, strong, affectionate, gentle with tots and had a superb, shiny coat. He may have been bouncy and infantile all his life, as labradors tend to be. Nonetheless there is no doubt that labradors (and their cousins, golden retrievers) are God's finest creatures.

The local coffee shop used to love having Rudy tied to the trees on the footpath outside. People walking past would stop to talk to the dog and order coffee to be brought outside into the sunshine :)

Rudes passed away in June 2008 and is still much missed.


Hels said...

Joseph's Art expressed the same sense of loss: Miss My Buddy at http://yardapeart.blogspot.com/search?q=buddy.

I realise we are only talking about dogs, but I still go to Rudy's rug on occasions to ensure the labrador is snuggled in for the night.

joseph's art and stuff said...

thanks Hels, i find myself still looking at the gate when i leave for work in the mornings, expecting to see him running along and wagging his tale.