29 November 2008

Who Knew My Words Would Rock Boise Idaho?

In the newspapers in 2006 there was a vigorous debate about whether the introduction of gay marriage/civil unions to Australia would lead to the undermining of regular heterosexual marriages.  So I wrote this short letter on civil unions to the Editor of The Age newspaper in Melbourne on June 9th 2006, before promptly forgetting about it.

"I investigated the reasons 473 married couples gave for separating and divorcing. Most often mentioned reasons were: adultery, drugs, alcohol, gambling, exhaustion, poverty, differing career paths, violence, lack of child care and interfering in-laws. 'The existence of civil unions for gay couples' was not given in a single case".

Signed Helen Webberley, North Caulfield

Imagine the surprise when this very same letter ended up on the USA's unOFFICIAL WORLDWIDE ADVENTIST FORUM on the topic of Undermining the institution of marriage?

There were dozens and dozens of responses.

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